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 Planes  - Aviões                                                         I hope you enjoy my projects the FAP planes and others

Click on pics and see what happening!



SpitMks        Developed  project  for future  FAP  Spitfires

A Nice and new Spit based in original Spit with many additions  and some new concepts

If you like Spits!  Well fly this model

 p80b FAP    The first version

p80b FAP R1   The second version a new release but you must have the first version to work!!

F86 Sabre FAP

Rockets Update   for Sabre FAP

New cockpit file   The Manche   Download and unzip to your media folder of  Fighter Squadron directory



Table Squads for FSDOE

An help table docs abouth squads in Nations Pack 2 and WWI Pack


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