Peter Townsend


Since the war of  1914-18 and until the nine hours of the morning of day 3 of February of 1940, no German airplane falls on the ground of  England. The first one, that he marked the beginning of one of the most fantastic military confrontations of  history was abated by Peter Townsend, a Heinkel 111, of the Luftwaffe. Against rolling crusher of the bulk vacant of  bombers, the hunting aviation restored, the noble traditions of the Cavalry, with its so generous singular combats how  much implacable. But for behind of this gigantic duel of three months, that designated first the failure of Hitler, had all a common past to the R.A.F. son not  wanted of  England, and the Luftwaffe, natural and clandestine son of the German renaissance after Versailles. Passed made of mutual respect friendship almost a better, rivalry. So,the destination forced the eagles to be dilacer, and all a generation of men, insane people for the same ideal, to commit suicide ones to the others in skies.

Arrive...another day of "luck"


 Afher combat at Croydon airfield...1940



Peter Townsend was combat with 43 Squadron of  RAF and 85 Squadron , Hurricane Pilot combat during Battle of England in 1940.

At the our days Peter Townsend live in France.

I made two new squadrons for Fighter Squadron. 85 Squadron are diferent from anothers created for the FS

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